Article 1. General

The photographic print sales site was developed by TAIGA Presse Images which has the aim to promote photography & photographers.

The present sales conditions are reproduced on the order forms & invoices of TAIGA Presse Images, manager of the CHarlet Photographies site. The following articles shall refer to the name of “Charlet photographies”.

Any order on the site implies total acceptance of the present sales conditions. These conditions cannot be changed by any customer on order forms or by mail. By sending an electronic order and by payment the customer demands a firm and Binding order. Any modification must be made on the basis of a new order from the customer.



Article 2. Delivery

  • 2.1.
  • Delivery dates on the order form are of a general order. Eventual delays may not be a pretext for order cancelling or claims of damage. “Charlet Phototographies” cannot be held responsible for any consequences due to delays. - Photos will be delivered to the addresses given whilst ordering. When a client orders Several developments at the same time with differing delivery dates the delivery date which will be retained is the longest. Delivery charges are calculated on the basis of ONE expedition grouping photos together. - If payment is made by check , the order shall be treated upon cashing of the check with the delivery date put back accordingly. - If payment is made by PAYPAL the order is immediately treated.
  • 2.2

Conformity of developments/prints “Charlet Photographies” will change prints at its own expense if an error has been made by the company & the prints do not correspond to those ordered. The request must be made and clearly explained within 3 days of delivery. Any claim after this time cannot be accepted. Prints must be sent back to “Charlet Photographies” in the same state in which they were received, in the original packaging and protection. Re-expedition expenses will be reimbursed to the client upon reception of the appropriate receipts. Articles sent back which are incomplete, damaged, or damaged by the client (traces of fingers, stains, folded even slightly …) will not be accepted.

2.3. Delivery expenses Cost of packaging, transport and insurance are invoiced to the buyer.

Article 3. Ownership rights All prints sold remain the propriety of “Charlet-photographies” until full payment of prints & all framing, finishing and expedition expenses.

Article 4. Transfer of Ownership Transfer of ownership to the customer is made when the photographs are delivered to the address specified. It is vital that the customer validates the conformity and perfect state of the photographs upon delivery. Any reserves on the above must be stated in writing to the transporter upon delivery and be made known to “Charlet-photographies” within 24 hours of delivery.

Article 5. Price ALL prices of photos on the “Charlet-Photographies” site are non-inclusive of tax and delivery charges. VAT (Value Added Tax) of 19.6% is applied to ENLARGED editions. Short or unique editions are charged with a VAT tax of 5.5% as considered works of art. All orders are invoiced from and payable in France.

Article 6. Availability Availability of prints and prices change as numbers change and are continually updated on the site. Numbering is strictly respected. At the end of edition of the stated 5, 10, 12, 15 or more copies the photograph will be no longer available in this size. This is final and irreversible. The photograph may still appear on the site only to show the global works of the photographer promoted by “CHarlet Photographies” .

Article 7. Confirmation of order by electronic mail “Charlet Photographies” will send an electronic mail to the customer confirming all elements of the order and before any expedition.

Article 8. Conditons of Payment The prints ordered are payable, inclusive of tax, upon ordering By Bank check made out to :

TAIGA IMAGES And addressed to the following address: 15 AVENUE DE CEINTURE 95880 ENGHIEN LES BAINS France By Credit card or PAYPAL payment directly via the Internet site

Article 9. Cancellation Customers may cancel orders within 7 working days after our reception of the e-mail confirmation of an order. He must send an e-mail to “charlet photographies” & send recorded/registered letter with signed receiver chit asking for cancellation. In case of PAYPAL payment the corresponding sum will be reimbursed deduction made of any expenses.

Article 10. Security of Payment The Internet Site has a security system protecting all sensitive information relating to means of payment.

Article 11. Intellectual propriety All texts, comments, illustrations, videos & photographs reproduced on the internet site are reserved & stamped by author’s rights & intellectual author’s rights worldwide and any partial or total reproduction of the site is strictly prohibited.

Article 12. Private information Law (Informatique & Liberté) Information concerning the customer allows the correct management of orders and customer files. In accordance with the French Law relating to computer data , files and liberty, of 6 January 1978 & modified buy the law of 6 August 2004, the customer has rights to access of his/her data retained and may change any data by writing to the customer service of “CHarlet Photographies” The site aims to reply to it’s best to the wants of its clients & photographic amateurs. New photographs are regularly proposed and also all relative information concerning it’s photographers and photographic events are announced. If clients no longer wish to receive this information they may write to customer service.

Article 13. Claims and Differences The present contract is protected by the jurisdiction of French Law. Any legal claim relating to the interpretation or execution of the present contract will be treated exclusively by the PARIS Tribunal de Commerce.


Article 14. Customer service For all information the customer service of “CHarlet-photographies” may be contacted at :

Tel: 06 127 327 94 (from outside France 33.6 127 327 94)

E-mail :

Postal address : Charlet Photographies 15 Avenue de Ceinture 95880 Enghien les Bains France