mariska karto portraitMariska Karto is a fine art-photographer/artist born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in the Netherlands. -

My work has an emotional characacter. Beauty and emotion are brought together in an image, inspired by historic classical arthistory. 

My work shows emotions (sometimes grief), at the same time it also shows hope and new perspectives for an unknown future. Because, where a door has been closed, another door will open.


Interview Fluster Magazine :

"Human body is the focus of your art. Why?
It lives … everything what is essential for me lies with(in) human. I do not look at the big picture, I see details. I see skin, hair, perspective, shapes. But I do not only see, I also feel … I feel sadness, vulnerability, sensuality, escape, and so on. Humans cannot live without each other, they attract each other, they reject each other, it is a continous process which starts at a very young age. Complicated, interesting…. In my photos I want to freeze a moment and stop that complicated process of exchanging energy. In that moment I want to show only one single energy … human."

She's balancing on the border between reality and dream, ...between photography and the art of painting...